Structure your sales process.

Sales management and prospecting platform for sales teams.

A sales automation platform that covers the whole sales process from initial "hello good day!" to the "here is your product please pay".


Take control of your sales process. Manage your customers in one place, use effective sales productivity tools for daily operations, and use reports to learn from your past actions to generate truly outstanding results in the future.

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Collaborate with your team during the sales process and support your customers once you close them.

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Increase number of leads in your sales pipeline. Start prospecting via e-mail or phone and get more leads in your pipeline.

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"Platformax is a Mercedes-Benz in the field of CRM and Sales automation solutions..."

Igor Panjan, CEO

"Platformax has completely transformed the way we work with out clients and how we manage our daily work. We don’t forward emails to each other anymore because all of our client’s communications is in one place. Before Platformax we were loosing many opportunities, now that is the past."

Gregor K., Quality manager, Omega Ltd

Struggling with sales?

Our experts can help you - Use the salesjedi tool to diagnose your sales and find areas to improve!

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