Most startups die early due to lack of sales and not marketing.

We enable you to do more sales by using our proprietary sales wizard!

It's simple. Our clients love us, because
we help them make more money!


Organize an effective sales process, manage your customers in one place, use valuable productivity tools and sophisticated reports and analysis to generate truly outstanding results.


Manage your customers easier, help your customers to help them to help themselves, enable true collaboration across all your departments, and keep track of the time invested.


Increase customer volume and retention: Implement a sales development department to contact your prospects over phone or e-mail.

"Pipedrive is a great tool, if you have just started your business and you're looking to replace Excel.
HubSpot is a great tool, if you are looking for a free solution.
Platformax is a Mercedes-Benz in the field of CRM and Sales automation solutions, but first you need to learn how to drive it."

Igor Panjan, CEO

We help companies like yours sell more. We can do it for you, too!

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How to Avoid Giving Concessions in Negotiations

A skillful negotiator will try to trade a concession, which in fact costs him a little, but which has real or high-implied value to the buyer and brings a relatively more valuable concession from them...

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Advice How To Recruit A Great Sales Manager

Undoubtedly sales are the lifeline of any organization and a cure for most of its problems. Most of the startups die a premature death due to lack of sales and not marketing, contrary to what many would...

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