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February 2017

How I became the best sales person in my country

20. 2. 2017|

The early years of my career were laced with eighteen hours of work in double shifts; the hunger to work more and craft a place for myself drove me to extreme penance. On the hindsight, I was naïve as I [...]

How we used sales process to grow 20x in three years

14. 2. 2017|

 Not all salespeople are created equal; some are more gifted than others and are often called the “rainmakers”. All good things are rationed because they are scarce; this universal principle applies to these rainmakers too.  These rainmakers follow an unconscious [...]

Are you future ready?

9. 2. 2017|

The next ten years will see accelerated pace of change, driving many businesses to bankruptcy. Don’t be surprised to see more of Kodak’s, Nokia and Motorola’s biting the dust. The emerging technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution will eventually morph [...]

How to capture lessons learned by your sales team

6. 2. 2017|

Erroneously, being busy is seen as a sign of progress, nothing can be farther from truth. Most teams are busy in doing one thing or another. In case you have a sales team of more than five members, you will [...]

Old is not gold any more – The CRM Saga

3. 2. 2017|

We underestimate the importance of adaptability, being agreeable and open to suggestions may be interpreted as a sign of feebleness.  Now you can elect to be a dinosaur, for hundreds of millions of years, they were at the top of [...]

January 2017

Don’t Lead a Team of Headless Chickens?

17. 1. 2017|

Have you ever wondered why some sales teams work a lot and produce near zero results while others over deliver with a lesser effort? Most of the underperforming sales teams are confused, disorganised or at worst utterly aimless. On top [...]

What is killing innovation in your company?

12. 1. 2017|

  Innovation is a buzzword in corporate corridors, and millions of dollars are being spent to find the holy grail of innovation. If the culture in your company is not conducive to innovation, appointing consultants or rebranding will not yield [...]

The Four Golden Rules of Improvement

6. 1. 2017|

  I must admit that I am a bit cynical when I see my pet dog, Adi, chasing his tail and running in circles. Now that reminds me of the way most companies run sales improvement projects. They keep on [...]

Is Your Sales Team Fit For Challenges?

3. 1. 2017|

It is not uncommon for a sales team to run into occasional unanticipated challenges. Considering the times in which we live, sales leaders cannot plan for every eventuality. On the other hand, if your team is often choked with unforeseen [...]

October 2016

Five Signs That Your Sales Head Needs To be Fired

12. 10. 2016|

A long time ago, in the land of Persia, there was a small business selling nuts and dry fruits, the owner, Emir Saladin was happy that the sales were picking up and he looked forward to growing his business to [...]