A collaboration solution that will delight your team and customers



“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs

Enable true collaboration across all your departments and keep track of the time invested. Make it easy to manage your customer service request and help your customers to help themselves.


Team Collaboration and Support Ticketing

Enable collaboration and manage customer support requests with ease

Make your team stronger and more productive, by offering them the right online collaboration tool, so your team will be able to make improvements in both the process and final outcome. Give them access to previous cases and work history, which will help them learn from past experiences.
Setup an efficient and consistent customer support process. Solving your customers support issue quickly is the key to customer satisfaction. Build long lasting relationships and trust by offering a stellar customer support experience.

Customer Support Portal

Help customers help themselves

Your customers have access to their customer support portal, where they can open new support tickets and view the status of existing ones. The user portal helps deliver relevant information directly to your customers.




Collaborate with your team to resolve support requests

Customer support quality depends on teamwork and collaboration in finding the best solution for your customers.
You can work together with your colleagues in finding the best issue resolution for your customers. With integrated email communications, you can also include your customers in the loop and keep them updated or request additional information.


Effective support request management

Your company has specific rules, request categories and department responsibilities. You need a system that prioritizes tickets and statuses, helping your support staff decide which tickets are urgent and must be resolved now.



Collaboration time log

Time is money, so keep track of it.

Time is money! Although it sounds like a cliché, effective time management is crucial for productive work. Time spent on resolution is carefully recorded and enables a detailed report view. Find out which customers use your support services the most.

Collaboration reports

Monitoring and tracking

You can now monitor your most important business KPIs in real-time. If you’re hip, you’ll display this data on a huge flatscreen so all your support people will be in the loop.


All-in-one solution

Platformax’s collaboration works great with sales automation and prospecting. Using all the features in Platformax puts you in full control of your business processes.

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