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Sales Automation

Organize effective sales and after-sales that your customers will love!

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Improve customer loyalty and increase team satisfaction.

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Deploy your very own sales development for prospecting and lead generation purposes.

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  • Get an overview of your company’s business processes
  • Maintain full records of all work completed and all communications with customers.
  • Standardize your work process, shorten the training period for your new employees, incorporate more individual roles into your company’s workflow
  • Create an efficient business ecosystem that works according to pre-set rules and ensure an orderly workflow
  • Monitor business performance in real-time
  • Make strategic business decisions based on reports and analyses


Sales Manager

  • Implement a measurable and scalable sales pipeline and workflow, step-by-step
  • Monitor activities of an individual sales rep or of the entire team
  • Access key metrics and insights about the sales activites that matter most to you in realtime
  • Manage your sales reps in a pre-defined sales funnel
  • Automate your sales process (contract drafts, tender applications)

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Call Center Manager

  • Increase both outbound call volume and the quality of conversations
  • Improve sales call consistency with built-in scripts
  • Control call agents’ performance with live statistics and reports
  • Collect all of the necessary customer information in one place, so your team can have meaningful interactions
  • Keep call costs low, with integrated VoIP telephony and “call from browser” abilty

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Customer Service Manager

  • View all support request statuses in real-time (how many tickets are open, who’s on the waiting list…)
  • Give your support agents access to all of the client information they need to handle a support request
  • Respond to support requests via email, your call center or the customer service user portal. The user portal gives customers a chance to check the status of their support requests.
  • Allow support personnel to collaborate between each other to resolve issues
  • Track time spent on individual support requests (eg. in cases of maintenance or contact support)
  • VoIP technology connects the entire system, so no additional hardware is required


Head of IT Department

Platformax is an all-in-one business application used by your entire team, but especially by: sales, customer service, your call center and the back office. This means you now have a single solution to all of your CRM needs: Platformax.

Some technical aspects that may pique your interest:

  • Platformax is hosted on a modern server infrastructure located in a state of the art datacenter
  • Safety backups are made daily at two different locations and kept up to 30 days
  • Platformax Standalone can be installed on your servers at your location
  • All Platformax pages are secured with SSL encryption
  • Platformax is developed by an experienced team of developers and based on a hybrid of technologies, however Ruby on Rails and Python in particular.


Head of Administration

All your orders and documentation (e.g. contracts) will be stored in one place, which makes it easy to prepare quotes and issue invoices. The invoices that have already been paid are marked for delivery.

Clients can see all open transactions, which means less questions for the administration department. Staff can also inform customers about their open transactions via text (SMS) message.



9,99per month per user
  • (billed annually)
  • 15,99€ per user – billed monthly
  • Easy on-boarding, basic Sales Automation, prospecting and collaboration. For teams of up to 15 team members.


29,99per month per user
  • (billed annually)
  • 39,99€ per user – billed monthly
  • Sales Automation, prospecting, collaboration, simple workflow. For teams of up to 15 team members.


99,99per month per user
  • (billed annually)
  • 139,99€ per user – billed monthly
  • Sales automation with multiple pipelines, advanced prospecting, collaboration with client portals, multiple advanced workflows.

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“Platformax is a Mercedes-Benz in the field of CRM and Sales automation solutions, but first you need to learn how to drive it.”

Igor Panjan, CEO

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