Effective Sales Management for Small Businesses

Stop the busywork and help your sales team reach peak performance


Powerful CRM software.
Smart Sales Team Organization.
Next-generation Lead Management.

Sales Pipeline management

From cold leads to returning customers, keeping track of a growing list of clients can turn into a full-time job. With Platformax, you can set up a workflow that lets your team focus on cold calling, pitching and closing. Not on fetching files and shuffling calendars. Each activity is logged for full traceability. No dead time. Just sales.

Simplify your Sales process. Empower Your Team.

Supporting customers is sometimes a never-ending game of whack-a-mole — while one issue is solved, two or three new ones pop up. Nobody wins. Platformax sets you up with a centralized collaborative system. All the need-to-know about all clients in one place. Your team will be able to self-organize for maximum efficiency.
Happy team, happy clients.

Focus on most promising prospects

Quickly probe a list of leads with automated yet personalized emails. Then dedicate full attention to the most promising ones with single click phone calling right from the inbox. When phones ring… cash registers also ring.

Struggling with sales?

Our experts can help you – Use the SALES JEDI tool to diagnose your sales and find areas to improve!

Diagnose my sales



9,99per month per user
  • (billed annually)
  • 15,99€ per user – billed monthly
  • Easy on-boarding.
  • Complete sales management features.
  • Prospecting and collaboration.
  • Full email tracking.


29,99per month per user
  • (billed annually)
  • 39,99€ per user – billed monthly
  • Complete sales management features.
  • Prospecting.
  • Collaboration.
  • Simple workflow and product catalogue.
  • Phone integration.


139,99per month per user
  • (billed annually)
  • 139,99€ per user – billed monthly
  • Sales management features.
  • Multiple pipelines.
  • Advanced prospecting.
  • Collaboration with client portals.
  • Multiple advanced workflows.

What other have to say about Platformax?

“Platformax is a Mercedes-Benz in the field of CRM and Sales management solutions, but first you need to learn how to drive it.”

Igor Panjan, CEO datafy.it

“Platformax has completely transformed the way we work with out clients and how we manage our daily work. We don’t forward emails to each other anymore because all of our client’s communications is in one place. Before Platformax we were loosing many opportunities, now that is the past.”

Gregor K., Quality manager, Omega Ltd

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