A sales management platform covering the whole sales process from start to end.


Organize an effective sales process

Standardizing and optimizing your sales processes means you can handle multiple sales opportunities at the same time – and save time on training and deploying sales people.

Make your sales force more effective

Manage your contacts in one place

Build meaningful and long lasting relationships with your clients. Plan your activities, use full two-way email integration and communicate with your contacts. Have complete control on your data and contacts all located in one place, giving you a clear overview of your potential & existing customers.

Managing your customer relationships

Reports and analysis

Make business decisions based upon reports, insights and dashboards. Monitor any part of your business or team at any time.
How many deals did you close today?
What is your sales forecast?
How many support tickets did you get?
Think of any question about your operation that you can think of, and Platformax will give you the answer.

Make smart decisions based on reports

Productivity tools

Optimize your workflow and save time on repetitive administration work. Collaborate, cooperate and communicate with your customers and team members in real-time.

Increase the productivity of your employees

Integration with 3rd party apps

Platformax’s CRM Sales works seamlessly with Google Drive, Gmail and Google Calendar. However it integrates with other third-party systems as well (ERP, marketing automation, Accounting, VoIP etc) speeding up your business processes.

Which 3rd party systems can be integrated?

Structure your sales process!

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