accaounting integration

Synchronization with Freshbooks and Pantheon DataLab

Never enter the same information into your CRM and account system again. Platformax will automatically sync everything for you.



In-the-box VoIP integration

All you need to make a one-click phonecall is a phone number. The system automatically records calls and shows the last time you spoke with a client (and exactly what was discussed).

See how many calls your team has made, how long they lasted and what their success rate was.


Call integration

Integracija z Google Drive, Gmailom ...

Google integration

Platformax integrates with Google’s tools and applications to facilitate your team’s work (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar).

Web-form integration

Contacts and inquiries collected on the web are no longer “lost”! Content from online forms is automatically imported into the system. Create new business opportunities or open new tickets with one simple click.

platformax webform integration

integracija z orodji za e-mail marketing

Integration with e-mail marketing tools

Segment your customers and contacts with our filters. Export your e-mail contacts into, Mailchimp or any other popular e-mail marketing platforms.

Integration with “3rd party” applications

Platformax supports integrations with third-party ERP, accounting, CRM and other platforms.

Integration with RFID devices

Track your team’s work hours and record them in your business information system.

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