Sell more with a clearly defined Pipeline

Boost your results by using a set of standardized steps everyone on your team can easily understand.
Define a clear sales pipeline and the actions required to push deals forward while improving the efficiency of your sales staff.


Sales pipeline management

How is your sales organized?

Sales opportunities arise whenever a potential customer expresses interest in your product or service. Coming from prospecting or other sources Business opportunities develop in pre-defined stages (the first contact, negotiation, deal, initial order, etc), and these activities make up your sales pipeline. Customize your sales pipeline to suite your company (learn how).

Opportunities detail view

Stay focused

When you have an opportunity, you want to have every necessary piece of information in one place. Opportunity and contact details, notes, emails, call logs, past and planned activities, documents … Everything a sales person needs in one place! Click here and see how to work with opportunities.


Task management

Always plan your next step

Relate planned activities to opportunities, set reminders (email, SMS, in-app) and make sure your opportunities get the attention they need and don’t get overlooked. Plan calls, meetings, lunches and other tasks to make sure you never forget anything on your to-do list. Click here to see how to plan activities in Platformax


Review your planned activities and meetings in the calendar

View and organize planned activities and meetings. Share calendars with colleagues and sync with Google Calendar to sync your meetings with your mobile device. Access all meetings for entire sales team with fast calendar filters.


Customize oppportunity details for better insights

Systematically collect data about your sales process – where do opportunities come from, reasons your potential customers didn’t buy, which sales rep is best for specific product group, etc. For instance once you understand why your opportunities fail, you will able to change your sales conversations or change your offer, or improve your objection handling.

Order management / Workflow

Process your customers’ orders

Structure your team workflow. Define how you deliver an order to a customer into steps, from “order placed” to “order delivered”. Assign responsibilities and tasks to specific people, so everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to.


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