Control panel and a user profile

The control panel gives you access to vital work related information, so you never forget about the important things


Enable seamless collaboration across
all your departments
and keep track of time invested.

Built-in collaboration tools and the option of your favorite email client help you easily communicate with your team and customers. Customer interactions are automatically tracked, allowing staff to see all correspondence from the past.




Don’t miss the important stuff

Get email, SMS or in-app notifications when a planned activity is approaching, a customer replies to an email, or your colleague needs your help.


Configure your workflow

Platformax is so customizable it adapts to your workflow – not the other way around.
Pre-defined work processes keep all of your employees on track. Work becomes smooth and easy. And it requires less communication, since responsibilities and actions are clearly assigned.



Zero Inbox

Centralized e-mail communication

All of the e-mail communication between your team members and customers accesible in one location. Create sales opportunities or support requests from received emails.

Document Management system

Create offers, orders or contracts with just one click

Instantly create documents that need to be written and signed manually (eg. Supply contracts, purchase orders, etc.). Share all documents in one location and integrate with Google Drive.



Import / export

Simple data import and export

Import your existing customer base and contacts from Excel or CSV.

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