Sales development for prospecting or lead generation with real time team performance monitoring


Implement a sales development team to
contact prospects via phone or e-mail.



Make more calls in less time

The work process allows your agents to make more calls in less time. The user interface helps process incoming and outgoing calls, speeding up the process and giving you real-time information on customer responses.

Prospecting with Platformax gives your agents all the necessary information in one screen, which means they can work faster and get more done with fewer mistakes.


Keep track of call statistics in real-time

Platformax monitors agent actions in real-time and offers management insights into performance and any issues. Want to know how many offers your agents prepared in the last 30 minutes? Want to know which employee is the most efficient, who talks the most, who gives the best talks? Platformax will let you know.




Dial straight from your browser

Platformax lets you call directly from your browser. All incoming and outgoing calls are automatically tracked as an activity for your customer.

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Everything a call agent needs in one place

Call agents usually need to gather information from various sources. Platformax gives you all the information relevant to an agent’s work on one screen, so you can work faster and smarter.



One script for all your agents

By using standard call scripts, you can train your agents faster and with less effort. When you have multiple promotional activities, a solid call script ensures that your customers receive accurate and consistent information.

Email templates and attachments
for your phone campaigns

Using email templates, your call agents can use all of your sales letters, emails and attachments at a moment’s notice – and all of that with just one click. You can also track the open and response rate of each email template.



Auto Dialing

Platformax has a built in auto dialer which automatically lines up the next call, without requiring any agent interaction.

No additional hardware

Your call agents can dial using their browser and headphones without any additional software or hardware.


Import Excel and CSV contacts

Instantly import Excel and CSV contacts, giving your agents a call list in seconds.

Reuse contacts

Running out of contacts? Just reuse your previous campaigns. Our advanced contact search helps create new call lists segmented any way you like.

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