Acquire new leads with personalized email drip campaigns or call your prospects with a single click.


From cold calls to email drip campaigns. You will be able to book more meetings
or acquire new leads for your sales pipeline.


Sales automation

Re: Automatically

Send a series of personalized emails to your prospects at predefined time intervals or trigger them by certain events. Know exactly when they open and respond to your emails.

All information about your prospect in one screen

SDRs usually need to gather information from various sources. Platformax gives you all the relevant information on one screen, so you can work faster.




Place calls from your browser

A lot of times just sending an email is not enough. Platformax lets you call directly from your browser. All incoming and outgoing calls are automatically tracked.


Predefined sales scripts

Create your personalized sales scripts so you know exactly what to say on your next call. With solid sales scripts your team will deliver consistent information to your prospects assuring you repeatable results.

Email templates and categories

Predefined and well crafted email templates are an essential part of every sales playbook. Create your email templates for different sales scenarios and share them across your sales team.



Track and optimize

Track your email template response rates, message opens, replies and clicks. Learn from your past performance and optimize your future email drip campaigns.


Call statistics monitors

If you’re engaging into high volume cold calling campaigns and number of calls is important to you then it’s important to be efficient every step of the way. Platformax tracks calls in real-time and gives you insights into your team call performance.



Cold calling

Make more calls in less time

Platformax built-in auto dialer will automatically line up the next call, without requiring any SDR’s interaction.

Our interface allows you to quickly access and update all your prospects’ information so you can go to the next call.

Import Excel and CSV contacts

Instantly import Excel and CSV contacts, giving your agents a call list in seconds.

Create segments from your contact lists

Use our powerful filters and segment your Companies or Persons contacts into different prospecting lists and then engage into prospecting campaigns customized for each of these segments.

Structure your sales process!