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Cold Emailing vs Cold Calling – The Final Battle


Traditionally, in the past two decades, there have been two ways of getting in touch with potential customers: you could either call them up or write them an email. Before the introduction and spreading of email in mid-nineties, phones were basically the main tool of any sales person. A phone [...]

Are you future ready?


The next ten years will see an accelerated pace of change that will unfortunately drive many businesses to bankruptcy. Don’t be surprised to see more of Kodaks, Nokias and Motorolas biting the dust. The emerging technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution will eventually morph the world we know of in [...]

Don’t Lead a Team of Headless Chickens


Have you ever wondered why some sales teams work a lot and produce near zero results while others over deliver results with far lesser effort? Most of the under-performing sales teams are confused, disorganized or, at worst, utterly aimless. On top of this, they have no clue as to how [...]

What is killing innovation in your company?


Innovation is a buzzword in corporate corridors, and millions of dollars are being spent to find the holy grail of innovation. If the culture in your company is not conducive to innovation, appointing consultants or rebranding will not yield tangible results. Here are the few things that kill innovation. You [...]

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