How I became the best sales person in my country

How I became the best sales person in my country

The early years of my career were laced with eighteen hours of work in double shifts; the hunger to work more and craft a place for myself drove me to extreme penance. Looking back at it now, I know I was naive to equate the number of hours to success. The young me knew no boundaries or borders, the fire to be successful kept me going without sleep, money or recreation.

It was only later, two years down the line that realization dawned on me. I could achieve the same results or at times even more if I followed a system or process. After many trials and errors, this is the process that I started following in my company, this process was so awesome that I took it one step further and made it the backbone of our sales automation platform –

Here is the granular breakdown of the process we use at Platformax

1) Customers buying steps
2) Selling steps that are in sync with customers buying process
3) Measuring the outcome at each step of the sale
4) Sales acceleration tools to help salespeople in doing more sales
5) A kick ass sales management platform ( not a CRM please! )

Customers buying steps

Any sales process that is built on how your customers want to buy is miles ahead of the process, which is built on how a company or their bunch of salesperson wants to sell. If you don’t know the buying steps that lead your customers to buy your product, you will make assumptions leading to errors. Not knowing how your customers buy is the biggest blunder that you can make in your sales career. And do remember your customers may have multiple buying processes depending upon the product or services that they wish to procure. A company does not procure tissues and care using the same process.

Map your sales steps

You may have the best sales process but if it does not align with your customers buying process, it’s of no use. You can safely bury it in the graveyard and save your life from the trauma of not doing sales. If you are smart and use a sales automation platform like Platformax, our experts will guide you in aligning your customer’s buying process to your sales steps, leading to faster sales conversions and more dollars in your bank account.

Measuring what you are doing

Being busy without knowing what it will lead to is a sign of hard workers who never produce results but they put in a lot of effort. Do you want to be one of these hard workers? Each and every step in your sales process should be measurable with visible outcomes. There should be no second-guesses if the sales process has been completed or not. Data speaks louder than words in business and you should try to experiment with this universal truth in sales.

Sales acceleration tools

The sales process is a maze at each step you need to pull in resources to move ahead, contrary to what many believe, sales is not a game of dancing alone. A good sales person is able to synchronise and pool in resources at each step and build upon the sales offering to successfully close the sale and collect money from the customers. Make sure you map all the tools and resources so that your sales people are not wasting time in searching for them or reinventing the wheel. In our sales acceleration platform, we provide a library where you can map and store the commonly used aids so as to avoid email trauma and use if outdated versions of presentations. Drop us a note today and see how our magic will transform your sales process.

A kick ass sales management platform

Managing a sales process and delivering repeatable and profitable results is not easy, one of the most commonly used solutions is to hire an army of analyst and staff assistants to keep the information and process moving. This solution feeds our ego as we manage an army of people and we get more than 200 emails a day, thereby making us believe that we are doing the right thing.

The second solution that successful people like Steve Jobs of the apple fame or Larry Page from Google would use, is to automate this shit to make it effective and efficient. Our solution, Platformax, is an effective sales management system that Improves, monitors, manages and maintains the sanctity of the sales process. Some of the activities include lead generation and initiation, pipeline and opportunity assessment, individual opportunity identification and rating, sales revenue forecasting and reporting.

I wrote this article while I am relaxing on Ao Nang beach in Thailand with my kids and partner; this is what a good process does to you. It gives you time to have fun and clock sales at the same time.

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