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Email Prospecting 101 – Everything you need to know


***Please note that this is supposed to be a helpful guide for beginners - in case you already are a cold-mailing professional and generate millions from your mailing campaigns, then feel free to skip this one.*** Email prospecting, also known as cold emailing, is in its essence a combination of [...]

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4 Killer Tricks To Get Your Prospect’s Email


Imagine this scenario - you know who you want to get in touch with. You know the exact type of people, their age and work experience, their position in the company and their responsibilities. In short, you know exactly who you want to reach out to. But how do you [...]

[Webinar] Prospecting, what is that all about?


Platformax Webinar Masters strike again. After the great success (and even greater interest shown by the crowd of attendees) of our previous webinar “How to structure your sales process”, our sales jedi Dejan Davidovic and Platformax CEO Srdjan Mahmutovic will be hosting a new free webinar for the international audience [...]

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How does brand image affect sales?


Dear readers, we have gathered here today to talk about brand image and its connection with sales performance of your company, but also yourself. The topic of brand equity will also be briefly covered, so that a clear distinction can be made. Beware, though, this post will include scholar thoughts [...]

  • image illustrating a person setting up a cold emailing and prospecting campaign in the crm

How-to: Cold emailing and prospecting with a CRM


You. Me. Your friend. Your friend’s mother. Everybody is prospecting, one way or another. We are trying to find that needle in a haystack of options, products and contacts we encounter each day. Finding THAT one right answer, product or person does not always come easy. Finding out which people [...]

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