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6 Additional Sales Tools You Should Consider Today


Let’s start this post with some interesting facts regarding sales: 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up. 80% of sales require five follow-ups. 63% of people requesting information about your company today will not purchase anything for at least three months – and it will take more than 12 [...]

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5 Ways a CRM Actually Accelerates Your Sales


Time. Keeps. Ticking. Away. So we decided to show you just how a CRM can help you make your processes time-efficient, your data accessible, your team collaboration seamless, and, ultimately, turn you into the selling machine that you can be. For years on end, everybody used spreadsheets to organize their [...]

Are you future ready?


The next ten years will see an accelerated pace of change that will unfortunately drive many businesses to bankruptcy. Don’t be surprised to see more of Kodaks, Nokias and Motorolas biting the dust. The emerging technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution will eventually morph the world we know of in [...]

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