Sales tips

Sales tips

Drawbacks of a free CRM


All the best things in life are free. A hug, a kiss, a peaceful sunset by the river, none of those things cost any money. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t apply to technology, and with the amount of investment Apple is putting into R&D, it’s just not very likely that they [...]

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How to setup sales in SaaS: The SaaS Sales Blueprint


Every company that makes money has a sales process, so you should have one, too. But worry not, that’s nothing to be afraid of. A sales process is simply a “repeatable set of steps your sales team makes with a prospect (lead), to move them from an early stage to [...]

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7 Additional Benefits of Using a CRM


Thanks to the continuous, marching advance of technology, it has become common for companies to find themselves dealing with a costumer base of hundreds or thousands of people. Heck, it could even be millions: Amazon had 310 million active user accounts worldwide in  Q1 2016 . With these kind of numbers in mind, the benefits of using a [...]

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SaaS Tech Stack for Maximizing Sales: 6 Top Tools!


Do you want to improve your sales process and maximize the conversion rates for your SaaS? Are you looking for tips to better connect with leads and customers? Did you already try different sales techniques and various tools, but without getting the results you were hoping for? You see, anyone [...]

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6 Additional Sales Tools You Should Consider Today


Let’s start this post with some interesting facts regarding sales: 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up. 80% of sales require five follow-ups. 63% of people requesting information about your company today will not purchase anything for at least three months – and it will take more than 12 [...]

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Email Prospecting 101 – Everything you need to know


***Please note that this is supposed to be a helpful guide for beginners - in case you already are a cold-mailing professional and generate millions from your mailing campaigns, then feel free to skip this one.*** Email prospecting, also known as cold emailing, is in its essence a combination of [...]

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4 Killer Tricks To Get Your Prospect’s Email


Imagine this scenario - you know who you want to get in touch with. You know the exact type of people, their age and work experience, their position in the company and their responsibilities. In short, you know exactly who you want to reach out to. But how do you [...]

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