A sales management platform that encompasses the sales process from start to end.


Automated prospecting campaigns

Acquire new leads with personalized drip campaigns, call your prospects straight from the platform with a single click, or mix both for a combination of cold calling and emailing that works best on your leads.

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Customize and track your pipeline

Create a sales pipeline with steps everyone on your team can easily understand and define actions that need to be taken in each step to win the sale. Standardized sales processes give you constant performance and save time on training new salespeople.

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Manage your contacts in a powerful, yet simple CRM

Be in complete control of your contacts’ data and keep everything in one place. Use our advanced filters to segment your contacts in any way you imagine. Always know what’s going on with per-contact timelines of all touchpoints they had with your team, including emails, calls, tasks, opportunities and everything else that matters.

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Collaborate with your team and customers

Use Cases to collaborate with customers on business opportunities and invite your team to join whenever you need help resolving issues with pre-sales or after-sales questions. Cases are an elegant way to keep all communication about a specific issue organized in a single thread.

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Advanced reports and analysis

Make smarter business decisions with dashboards, insights and reports. Monitor any part of your business or team at any moment. If you have a question about your sales or team performance, Platformax will have the answer.

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Productivity tools & Email tracking

Platformax can help you automate processes and work smarter. With our tight email integration and built in phone calling, you might just forget that you’re using a CRM. But you will also love our other goodies, such as email templates, open rate tracking, zero inbox for shared mailboxes, sales documents generator, global shared documents and many more.

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Integration with 3rd party apps

Platformax works seamlessly with Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar. It also integrates with other third-party tools, such as MailChimp, Twilio, and Zapier, thus making it compatible with thousands of other apps, saving you time and helping you work more efficiently.

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