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4 Killer Tricks To Get Your Prospect’s Email

Imagine this scenario - you know who you want to get in touch with. You know the exact type of people, their age and work experience, their position in the company and their responsibilities. In short, you know exactly who [...]

August 10, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|

5 Ways To Learn Things About Your Leads Before Ever Meeting Them

Having some advantage is always neat. Some upper hand for your efforts. Some leverage for your undertakings. A one second head start in a 100m race or two tanks more at the beginning of a game of Risk would help [...]

July 31, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|

How I failed email-prospecting in Finland and Sweden (and what I learned from it)

So, email prospecting, huh? If you ever tried googling about it, you probably found yourself on a list of articles with various wonderful claims, such as “Generate warm leads fast”, “Get replies from cold mailing with X easy steps!” or [...]

July 19, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|Tags: , |

[Webinar] Prospecting, what is that all about?

Platformax Webinar Masters strike again. After the great success (and even greater interest shown by the crowd of attendees) of our previous webinar “How to structure your sales process”, our sales jedi Dejan Davidovic and Platformax CEO Srdjan Mahmutovic will [...]

July 5, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|

How does brand image affect sales?

Dear readers, we have gathered here today to talk about brand image and its connection with sales performance of your company, but also yourself. The topic of brand equity will also be briefly covered, so that a clear distinction can [...]

June 15, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|

How-to: Cold emailing and prospecting with a CRM

You. Me. Your friend. Your friend’s mother. Everybody is prospecting, one way or another. We are trying to find that needle in a haystack of options, products and contacts we encounter each day. Finding THAT one right answer, product or [...]

June 12, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|

5 Ways a CRM Actually Accelerates Your Sales

Time. Keeps. Ticking. Away. So we decided to show you just how a CRM can help you make your processes time-efficient, your data accessible, your team collaboration seamless, and, ultimately, turn you into the selling machine that you can be. [...]

May 31, 2017|Categories: Productivity, Sales tips|

Cold Emailing vs Cold Calling – The Final Battle

Traditionally, in the past two decades, there have been two ways of getting in touch with potential customers: you could either call them up or write them an email. Before the introduction and spreading of email in mid-nineties, phones were [...]

May 24, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|

Five underhand tactics that buyers play on you

A sale is an art accentuated by science, and not many sales people understand this confluence. They either make it too mushy, full of emotions and relationship or just go by data. Both choices are equally bad, this is not [...]

March 1, 2017|Categories: Productivity, Sales tips|Tags: , , |

How I became the best sales person in my country

The early years of my career were laced with eighteen hours of work in double shifts; the hunger to work more and craft a place for myself drove me to extreme penance. On the hindsight, I was naïve as I [...]

February 20, 2017|Categories: Sales tips|Tags: , |