All the customer data – neatly organized in one place

Manage your contacts and keep track of all of the interactions you and your team have with them.
Platformax provides you with a 360° overview of your customers and everything that’s happening between them and your sales team.

Contact view detail
Advanced contact management

Never lose sight of what’s going on

Simply track sales and after-sales activities. You’ll find emails, planned activities, meetings, notes, documents, opportunities, orders and calls all located in one place, giving you an incredibly useful insight into your potential & existing customers. You can watch a short video guide to working with contacts in Platformax.

Contact management
Simple interactions overview

Check all interactions in the activity stream.

All interactions with leads, prospects and existing customers are recorded and saved in the activity stream. There’ll you’ll find a compact overview of who the contact was and what was discussed. All of the past interactions with each of the contacts are also recorded. You can find out more about the primary Contacts tab in this short video.

Cutting edge filtering and segmenting

Segmenting your contacts has never been simpler.

The state of the art filtering options in Platformax go far beyond their basic function and actually allow you to create segments out of your database, based on customer status and location in the pipeline, activities, stats… And once you create a segment, you can bulk edit them or, even better, create an automated drip campaign specifically for those contacts.

Custom contact fields

Keep the customer data you need.

With the option of creating custom fields and renaming them to the naming scheme of your team and company, Platformax helps you keep your database of customers organized and tidy. With custom fields, the „all in one principle“ of a CRM rises to a whole new level.

Learn more about imoprt feature - Platformax

Import contacts from databases or directly from your mailbox, building your list faster than ever before.

Learn more about bulk editing - Platformax

Bulk edit your data and tasks, keep everything up-to-date in the quickest possible way.

Learn more about export feature - Platformax

Export contacts data to whatever format suits your needs.

Sell more with the power of CRM’s centralized data and automation options.

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