Integracija z Google Drive, Gmailom ...

Google apps integration

Platformax integrates tightly with Google’s Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Contacts services.

Call integration


Out-of-the-box VoIP integration

You can place calls from your browser or any SIP client. Platformax automatically tracks all your inbound and outbound calls. Track the number, duration and success rate of the calls your team makes.


Call integration

platformax webform integration

Webform integration

Any webform inquiries on your website are automatically imported into your sales pipeline.

MailChimp integration

Segment your customers and contacts with our powerful filters and then transfer them directly to MailChimp subscriber lists.

accaounting integration

Synchronization with Freshbooks or your ERP of choice

Platformax allows you to create purchase orders, invoices and other documents within the CRM. You can push those to Freshbooks so you don’t need to manually create them. Platformax will automatically sync everything for you.


Integrate more with our API

With have a rather cool API which allows you to integrate Platformax with pretty much any 3rd party application. Check out our API here.

Integration with RFID devices

Track your team’s work hours and keep them in your CRM, simply and elegantly.

Accelerate your sales with a CRM that integrates with all the tools and apps you use.

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