Big news for all of you that have contact with multiple people in the same company when you’re trying to close your deals or if you work directly with end customers.  This week we say so-long to Clients and Contacts and we introduce Companies and Persons!

In Platformax you are dealing with two type of contacts Company and Person.  You will need one or another before you do sales, support or any other actions. All contact details, past and planned activities, tickets, opportunities and actions associated with them that take place in Platformax are tracked in their detail pages. Detailed Company and Person card helps you to plan and to execute your future actions necessary to “close” an opportunity and offer support after that.


Person represents individual people. A Person can have Opportunities and you can track them in your sales pipeline.

  • Person is a contact person profile holding contact data (e.g., email addresses, phone numbers, job title, etc) and interaction history.
  • Person can be associated with a Company – but not necessary.
  • Person can have multiple Opportunities open for them at the same time.
  • Person can also have tasks, tickets, orders, documents, time logs, etc.


Company represents an organisation above the Person. In real life these Persons are usually company employees. You can find all Persons related to a Company on the Company card.

  • Company is a Company profile holding contact data (e.g., company websites, phone number, main e-mails and addresses) and  interaction history.
  • Company can be related to multiple Persons therein, as well as multiple Opportunities.
  • Company can have multiple Opportunities open for them at the same time.
  • Company can also have tasks, tickets, orders, documents, time-logs, etc.

Both Company and Person can have custom fields. If you require that and your subscription model includes that feature, please contact your dedicated consultant to help you with setting up.