Contact prospects with cold emails and automated follow-ups and turn them into customers.


Setting up an automated campaign in Platformax takes 20 minutes, from integrating your email and importing contacts, to setting up templates and clicking send.

Full email integration

1: Connect and sync your inbox

Platformax CRM connects and synchronizes with your email provider, just like any email client would. Native Gmail support enables quick and seamless setup, but you can also integrate any other email with IMAP.

Save time on writing

2: Put in Email templates

Write your email copy with custom fields and snippets and save different templates in different categories. Predefined and well crafted email templates are an essential part of every sales playbook and with Platformax they are always ready and available to all team members.

Sales automation

3: Schedule your campaign

Send a series of personalized emails to your prospects at predefined time intervals or have them triggered by certain events. With our tracking tools you’ll know exactly when prospects open and respond to your emails.

Centralized data for your team

4: Import Contacts

Instantly import contacts from Excel and CSV. You can also create contacts from your mailbox or add them manually or integrate your source with the Platformax API.

Customize your audience

5: Create segments from your contact lists

Use our powerful filters and segment your contacts into different prospecting lists, so you can engage in prospecting campaigns customized for each of these groups.

From cold calls to email drip campaigns, you will be able to book more meetings and feed more leads into your sales pipeline.

Start a campaign in 15 minutes

Or check out more features in Platformax:

Track stats and optimize

Email statistics

Track your emails and templates open, reply and click rates, all in one place. Analyze and learn from your past performance and optimize your future email drip campaigns.


One click calls from your browser

Many times just sending an email simply isn’t enough. Platformax lets you call directly from your browser and all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically tracked. There’s no need for you to ever leave your CRM.

Keep help at hand

Predefined sales scripts

Create your personalized sales scripts so you know exactly what you need to say on your next call. With solid sales scripts your team will deliver consistent information to your prospects ensuring great results every time.

Know your performance

Call statistics monitors

If you are engaged in high volume cold calling campaigns, you need to be efficient at every step of the way. Platformax helps you track calls in real-time and provides you with a detailed overview of your team’s call performance.

Optimized cold calling

Make more calls in less time

The auto dialer built into Platformax will automatically line up your next call, without requiring any SDR interaction. Our interface allows you to quickly access and update all your prospect’s information so you can jump on the next call as soon as possible.

Start turning prospects into warm leads today.