Monitor, analyze, respond.

Make business decisions based on actual data and meaningful insights.


Optimize based on what works

Successful opportunities report

Identify successful sources of sales and most productive team members and plan your company’s future roadmap based on Platformax opportunities tracking. A clear overview of opportunities in all stages of the pipeline helps you identify bottlenecks and plan the necessary next steps to keep the flow.

Learn from what doesn’t work

Failed opportunities report

See all of the missed opportunities and easily understand the reasons why a deal was not closed, so you can swiftly take advantage of that information and pivot your future approach.

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Detailed reports

Track sales by products or product categories

Check purchasing behavior and analyze sales performance by specific products and product categories.

KPIs overview

Company wide KPI Monitors

Monitor your most important KPIs in real-time or even display them on a flat screen in the office to keep the entire team updated.

Per-department overview

Department specific reports and monitors

Just like global KPIs, you also can monitor the data that is most important to you with department specific reports and dashboards (e.g. sales, customer support, call center). Get all the reports you need for future business decisions…

Automated reports in your inbox

Daily email summaries

Get the summary of the previous day delivered to your inbox every morning. How many tasks were done, how many tickets are still pending, how many orders have not been processed yet? Have all the necessary info delivered straight to your inbox…

Adjust everything to suit your needs

Custom reports

Platformax’s Custom reports adapt to your business needs, giving you quick access to critical data, important leads and the data needed to make critical business decisions.

Fine-tune your sales process with the help of insights and reports from Platformax.

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