New in Platformax: Multiple pipelines and new pipeline view

New in Platformax: Multiple pipelines and new pipeline view

With only a month since we released the completely redesigned Platformax (that we believe was rightfully dubbed as V2), today we are ready to present a new set of major updates that are rolling out to all of our current and future users.

Platformax is designed to support entire sales processes and with these updates we are taking more steps towards making inside sales easier to organise and scale effectively. We are truly adamant in making Platformax the ultimate sales tool for inside sales teams.

Here’s whats new:

Multiple sales pipelines

Perhaps not all of your company’s products and services or types of opportunities fit into the same sales process and one pipeline. Some companies offer multiple products, operate internationally or across different verticals, work both in B2B and B2C sales, and their sales teams need the flexibility to implement and track multiple distinct sales processes. And we recognize this need.

With the latest update in place, Platformax now gives your sales team the ability to create multiple sales pipelines. This addition enables inside sales teams to work more efficiently, and to customize their processes according to the unique needs of their potential clients.

Your “old” pipeline is now by default called the General Pipeline and you can rename it or add new pipelines by navigating to:
Settings > Opportunities and Sales > Customize sales pipeline, where you’ll see the  “+Create new pipeline” button.

creating a new pipeline in platformax

You can read more about working with multiple sales pipelines in our knowledge base, where we covered How to set up pipelines and Working with multiple pipelines.

Multiple sales pipelines are now available to all Business and Enterprise users.

Pipeline stage view

The Opportunities overview is the main screen of Platformax and indeed the home screen of your sales, giving you a visual overview of the current status of your pipeline and the total value of your opportunites in different stages of the pipeline. The best thing about the Opportunities screen is that it provides info on all of your prospects and leads at a glance.

With the latest update in place, Opportunities in Platformax can now be tracked in two different and equally important ways – the List view and the new Stage view.

gif showing list and stage views in platformax

The new Stage view is the ideal overview for everyday inside sales teams work. Some of the main features of Stage view in Platformax are:

  1. You can drag and drop opportunities to move them across stages.
  2. Displays all the opportunities organized in columns according to their stages in the sales pipeline.
  3. Introduced new default labeling for Opportunities:
    • Opportunities with overdue activities (red activity icon)
    • Opportunities with activities due today (green activity icon)
    • Opportunities with no activities scheduled (yellow warning icon)
    • Opportunities with scheduled activities in the future (gray icon)
  4. You can click on Planned activity icon to see details of next step or create a new planned activity.
  5. You can create a filter and make a segment of opportunities you want to see, i.e. opportunities from specific team member, specific source or product group.

drag and drop opportunities in stage view

You can read more about navigating your sales pipeline in our knowledge base, where we covered Navigating pipelines with Stage and List views.

New Stage view is available to all users and all plans.

We hope you find these updates beneficial to your work. Of course, expect to see even more news in the future. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or feedback, we love hearing your thoughts and impressions. Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out via live chat or email!

In case you’re still not using Platformax, you can sign up for a free trial by clicking here. We think you’ll find it’s a real growth enabler.

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