Platformax Redesigned – the CRM as it should be

Platformax Redesigned – the CRM as it should be

Announcing the redesigned Platformax

When we first created Platformax, it was a tool we built for ourselves. However, we soon realized that what we had was as powerful as any other CRM out there and we decided to make it available to other companies who wanted to maximize their sales performance.

With new people using Platformax, came a need for a simpler, more streamlined interface and overall user experience, and that was the main goal we had on our road to v2.

Our CEO, Srdjan Mahmutovich, underlines this:

Completely redesigned

Gone is the messy and aging looking interface and now you’re welcomed with a sleek, streamlined UI that’s better organized, easier to read and understand and faster to work with.

comparison screenshots of old and redesigned platformax interface

For current users, you’ll find all the major tools and options where you expect them to be, while the sub-menus and activities are all tweaked so that you feel more confident in your actions and make them faster.

All new users will be able to sign up and get up to speed much quicker now, leading us to one more new thing:

Smoother introduction and more support

To make the switch to Platformax as easy as possible, there is now a built-in interactive guide for setting up your first contact and opportunity that is available to all new users.

screenshot of the redesigned platformax setup tutorial

For anyone who is already using Platformax, you can stop by our recently launched Help Center to find answers to some of the most frequent questions. Or you can get in touch using the chat icon in the lower right corner whenever you need a hand. No question will remain unanswered. Ever.

What else is new?

During the last few months there have been hundreds of updates to the Platformax core. There were dozens of bugs squashed and all of the features have been refined. All of the functionalities you are used to having in Platformax are there, it’s still the full fledged CRM that encompasses every step of the sales process. From cold emailing with automation options, over pipeline and opportunites management, to after-sales support. They have all just been polished, or – dare we say – perfected.

Platformax was always the CRM that could. Now it absolutely will.

Thank you for being with us and here’s to growing together!?

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