We found our way to 15 countries

We found our way to 15 countries

It has been 10 days since we launched Platformax v2, a complete redesign based on the input from our users – from you.

It has also been 7 days since we passed 3.000 followers on our Facebook page (now almost at 3.500, woo!).

And today we are happy to announce that we now have active users in 15 countries! ??? Yesterday, Jeremy and his LEDsynergy team based in the United Kingdom joined us, adding UK to a list of countries that already included Spain, India, Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, to name a few.

Thank you. For growing with us.

Seeing users from across the globe choose Platformax as their CRM and as their main tool to organize, maintain and grow their sales and scale their whole business is absolutely wonderful.

But does this mean that we’re kicking back and putting our feet up behind the scene here? Most definitely not. Improving Platformax is a non-stop mission for us and we’re constantly working on all aspects of the CRM, including contact management, pipeline organization and management and email prospecting,  in order to maximize the work output to time spent ratio.

We’re also preparing first-rate content for our future posts and chatting with you guys (just hit the message icon in the bottom right corner and start typing whenever you want to get in touch!).

Thank you and talk soon.
Platformax team

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